Sunday, May 5, 2013

She was the Greeks

“She was the Greeks” Drawing in progress, 2012-present
I am a native of cave country. With no regard to my personal context, I was asked to illustrate “Plato’s allegory of the cave” on white board in a bar before a panel of scholars. In that moment I felt the conspicuousness of trying to explain my soul to strangers.
I compare their respect for Plato as a great thinker to my own admiration of Annmarie Campbell, the wisest person of my life.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New jpegs

Dragon loop, Leonard Arms, Always a Snake 2013

Mother Jackie Onassis these jpegs are murky. Just, like trust that these drawings look crispy and fine in person.

Other jpegs

Junilant uterus snash, coffee dragon, mikki the dog 2011

Quilt Designs for Paducah if she wants

Forest for the lazy, mountain forces, a quilt, spin off of black eggs 2013